PaperMints CoolCaps

Sugar free

The only double capsule in the world. Fresh mint with double action.

The unique double action.


Ball melts on your tongue giving fresh breath instantly.


Swallow the inner ball to generate fresh breath from within.

Solves halitosis problems

The perfect solution for smokers, after a drink or a meal

PaperMints  proposes unique sugar free solutions for a long lasting fresh breath.

PaperMints CoolCaps
without alcohol is the only product available

that effects on two causes of
halitosis, bad breath :oral and stomach digestion.

Intense freshness  any time anywhere on the go.

Cool caps tube UK (1)
Tube of
18 CoolCaps
The new generation : Liquid mints with a double taste.
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Box of
40 CoolCaps
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